We strongly recommend choosing hardwood floor cleaning products that are approved by your hardwood flooring manufacturer.

The right wood floor cleaners will protect your urethane finished floors, reduce maintenance time and expense, and won’t void your warranty.

The wrong cleaners can cause unsightly and expensive damage, to the extent that only a complete sand and refinish can correct.

Remember that wood and water don’t mix. Follow product cleaning instructions and do not over-saturate your mop or cleaning cloth with water or cleaning solution. Never leave standing water or liquids on your floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products
for Polyurethane-Coated Solid Hardwood Floors

Read product labels carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the product manufacturer.


In business since 1898, DuraSeal® specializes in products specifically for hardwood floors and is generally sold to professional flooring contractors.

DuraSeal® Hardwood Floor Cleaner is intended for use on all wood floors coated with a clear unwaxed finish, including polyurethane and water-based finishes. This product has been exclusively formulated to be used full-strength; do not add water. Not for use on waxed, oiled or unfinished wood.

After sweeping or vacuuming your floor, squirt this cleaner lightly in an “S” pattern directly onto floor in a three to four-foot area. Avoid puddling. Damp mop, using a well wrung out mop. Rinse mop as needed during cleaning to remove dirt.


UFloor Systems sells its Pallmann® brand across the U.S. primarily to floor covering retailers and professional flooring contractors.

Pallman® hardwood floor cleaner is a non-toxic, streak-free pH neutral formula for daily cleaning and maintenance of residential and commercial no-wax wood floor ­finishes including oil modified and waterborne polyurethanes.

After sweeping or vacuuming your floor, spray or mist a 4’ X 6’ area of your floor with the cleaner and wipe with a pre-dampened micro­fiber mop. Wetting the mop helps loosen dirt on the floor surface and quickens the cleaning process.

PolyCare® by Absolute Coatings

Absolute Coatings was one of the first companies in the U.S. to introduce polyurethane finishes. They sell their products primarily to professionals and experienced do‑it‑yourselfers.

PolyCare® is safe for all polyurethane finished wood surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, handrails, stairs, moldings, etc.

To clean with their ready-to-use products, sweep or vacuum the floor. To spot clean, spray PolyCare and wipe the surface with a mop, clean cotton cloth, or sponge. Also ideal for all refillable spray mops. Wash mop cover thoroughly between uses to prevent streaking.


A more commonly known brand due to aggressive consumer marketing, Bona® hardwood floor cleaner is generally trusted among professional flooring contractors. It started as a grocery store in Malmö, Sweden in 1894 and developed into professional floor care products in 1919.

Giving your floors a good dusting with a microfiber mop or cloth will be your best daily defense against scratches and surface damage. For deeper cleaning, lightly mist your mop with Bona® hardwood floor cleaner, wipe and dry.

Here is a full review of Bona® hardwood floor cleaner.

Squeaky by Basic Coatings®

Basic Coatings® began as a manufacturer of finishes and maintenance products for bowling alley lanes.  Squeaky cleaner is recommended for cleaning prior to recoating, as well as for general maintenance and commercial-grade cleaning of hardwood floors.

Mist a microfiber or terrycloth mop with Squeaky cleaner and wipe the floor clean and dry.

Choosing Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products

In choosing a hardwood floor cleaner, you must first be certain of the type of finish on your floor. Second, follow up on one or more of the following:

  • Read the product label and instructions to ensure it is appropriate for your floor’s finish.
  • Check with your hardwood flooring manufacturer for an approved product.
  • Ask a professional flooring contractor for a recommendation.

If you are still in doubt about which products to use, research specific product names online. Popular cleaners marketed to consumers such as Murphy Oil Soap, Orange Glo, Pledge, Zep and others are frequently used incorrectly or for inappropriate finishes – and there are plenty of devastated homeowners telling their tales online.

Don’t let a ruined hardwood floor finish happen to you.

Review our guide on what hardwood floor cleaning products NOT to use and learn about cleaning with water and vinegar.