Hardwood Floor VacuumA hardwood floor vacuum could be one of your most prized investments as a hardwood floor owner.

Hardwood floors are already a snap to clean, but the right vacuum will make the job fast and thorough.

Look for the following features in a hardwood floor vacuum:

1.) No beater brushes or one that switches between brushes for carpet and none for hardwood

2.) Lightweight

3.) Durable

4.) Maneuverable head

5.) Enough suction to pick up heavier debris like small pebbles

What is the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

We’ve interviewed many people who provide residential house cleaning for a living, as well as hardwood flooring contractors and wood floor owners.

We’ve also done our own due diligence – experimenting, reviewing, and researching.

Your ultimate choice in a wood floor vacuum will also take into consideration personal preference and perhaps your physical health.

The best vacuum for wood floors may not be perfect right out of the box.

Of ‘course, professionals don’t want to take any chances causing damage to their customers’ floors – but you can make modifications based on personal choices to protect your flooring.

Modify Your Vacuum as Needed

Vacuum Head

If the vacuum head is not cushioned, attach a heavy-duty strip of felt padding that you can cut exactly to size (just as shown to the left).

Fully cover the portions and edges that rub along the floor to prevent scratching the surface of your floor.

After each use, brush off the padding on the vacuum head to ensure grit isn’t stuck to the pad, which will scrape the floor.

Vacuum Wheels and Hose

The best vacuum for wood floors will have the least amount of moving parts and pieces touching the floor itself.

Our house cleaning professionals tell us to take a look at the wheels prior to each use. Keep them clean.

Wrap them in masking tape or painters tape – something to protect the floor finish from scratches and skid marks.

They suggest wrapping your vacuum hose in fleece or another soft material so the plastic isn’t dragging across the floor.

Avoid black plastic whenever you can. White or gray is best for a hardwood floor vacuum.

Hardwood Floor Vacuum Recommendations

Next, we’ll review the benefits of different vacuum styles and offer specific product recommendations.

Your wood floor vacuum may be your most prized household possession! It should save you time, it should perform well and it should protect your flooring investment.

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