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What Do Online Card Games Have to do with Hardwood Floors?

Well, nothing directly. But it happens to all of us. You are searching for one thing, and you come across something else that grabs your attention. In this case, classic online card games named after our beloved hardwood floors. We had to learn more!

Thus, we discovered Silver Creek Entertainment. Since 1994, they have been creating card games that surpass common computer-version card games. Their goal is to create games that look as good as they play. And they’ve definitely succeeded.

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Hardwood Spades

The game of Spades was invented back in the 1930’s, but Silver Creek Entertainment has modernized it for this century. 3D graphics, leaderboards, and the ability to play by yourself or with others are just some of its features. Earn Achievements as you play.

Hardwood Solitaire

This game comes with over 100 different solitaire options. The backgrounds are amazing and you can create your own avatar. Play it on your computer, phone or tablet.

Hardwood Backgammon

This is a truly beautiful game with customizable graphics. You can play by yourself or with players around the world 24 hours a day. For those with a competitive nature, you may attack your opponent when you’re winning. Definitely an awesome twist.

Hardwood Euchre

Once again, the graphics are fantastic as the cards move and flip in a mesmerizing way. The game offers multiple variations to the classic Euchre to keep game play more interesting. You can also earn Achievements and check the Data Ticker for what is going on in the Hardwood Euchre community.

Hardwood Hearts

Keeping things exciting seems to be a theme at Silver Creek Entertainment and this game does not disappoint. Customize your avatar (you can even be a dog), record your games, and watch your progression on the Leaderboard. Enjoy exciting music and 3D graphics as you play solo or join in with others across the world.

Benefits of Indulging in Classic Online Card Games

Playing card games aren’t just a form of entertainment. There are long term benefits in the form of exercising and challenging your mind.
Some of the ways card games can improve your brain include:

  • Increased Concentration
  • Bolstered Analytical Skills
  • Improved Long-term Memory

At last check, Silver Creek Entertainment also offers Video Poker Duel and Dangerous Mines, which will blow your old minesweeper game away.

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