Our wood floor vacuum guide explores the different styles and benefits of vacuums specifically for use on hardwood floors.

Canister-Style Wood Floor Vacuum

Maneuverability is at the top of the list. A canister can do the job well where no upright could possibly go … under beds, coffee tables and other tight spaces.

It is light-weight, easy to carry up and down stairs and move around the house as needed. The vacuum head is also light for pushing and pulling – either on bare floor or plush carpet.

It’s the extra attachments and flexibility that make the Canister our number one choice. An edging tool powerfully removes grit and other dangers to your wood floor that an upright can’t normally reach.

Attachments for pet hair, drapery, steps, bare floor or carpet and other goodies make the Canister an excellent all-around vacuum for your household.

If you’re used to an Upright style, however, where you can switch the vacuum head from rugs to bare floors with the tap of your foot … be aware that for the canister style, you may need to change out head attachments manually based on the task at hand.

Our top recommendation is the Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum. These seem to sell out frequently on Amazon.com.

If you prefer bagless, the Kenmore Bagless with HEPA Filter is great for allergy sufferers.

The Miele Olympus is made in Germany and best used for low pile carpeting and hardwood floors.

Go with the Miele Capri, Delphi or Titan for medium to high pile carpeting or area rugs.

Do your research, pay attention to customer reviews (but understand that a product can’t please everybody) and consider your own preferences … such as length of cord, weight, filters, etc.

Backpack Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Have you considered the shoulder or backpack style vacuum cleaner? We suggest the Pro-Team Super Coach.

It is most often used in commercial settings, but this vacuum for hardwood floors – and everything else – is great for folks who can handle 10 pounds or so on their lower to mid back (check the weight of the products you consider) and who would prefer a lot less bending over.

Our house cleaning professionals swear by this style vacuum. It’s fast, powerful, thorough, extremely versatile and built to last. Note that most come with a very long cord – which could be a positive or a negative in your situation.

Another benefit of this style is that nothing – no moving parts – touch your hardwood floor except the vacuum head itself.

The ProTeam upright vacuum may be a good alternative if you prefer an upright style.


Dust Buster for Quick Clean-ups

A dust buster is a very nice addition to your cleaning equipment collection. We strongly suggest purchasing one with a pivot handle.

When a small, specific area of your wood floor may be suffering, prevent scratches and scuffs on the spot without dragging the vacuum out.

It’s a convenient way to clean up dirt, pebbles and other objects brought in from outdoors in and around entrances and on door mats or area rugs.

A dust buster is also perfect for the kitchen and dining room to catch crumbs from cooking and eating in between thorough vacuums.

If the wood floor vacuum you choose does not have attachments, a dust buster commonly includes an edger attachment to get along baseboards and in nooks and crannies.

You could get a stick-style hardwood floor vacuum rather than a dust buster to serve this same purpose.

The Best Wood Floor Vacuum

A wood floor vacuum should boast certain features and be modified when appropriate to further protect your floors.

It is a valuable tool for cleaning hardwood floors with the versatility for other hard surface floors as well as carpeting.